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The story of Laurie Barraco and the Mystical Moon
Laurie Barraco
Laurie is a native New Yorker and relocated to sunny Florida in 1990 looking for a new beginning and a more peaceful & spiritual atmosphere. During her time here in Florida, Laurie has worked with preschool children as a Head Teacher and has also ventured into the legal world as a Paralegal.

For the past 20 years she has worked on her spiritual side by studying with many Master Teachers, such as Sonia Choquette and John Holland. She has been married for 22 years and has two teenage children.

Laurie opened The Mystical Moon in December 2007. Laurie’s vision for The Mystical Moon is “I hope that everyone that walks through that door feels welcomed and loved and realizes that there is hope and support to help with life’s challenges. I want to integrate the fact that we are very powerful beings with the ability to manifest anything we choose to in our lives.” As far as she is concerned: The journey has just begun!

Laurie is an intuitive channel and can access information from your spirit guides and angels to help you move through whatever challenges life has presented before you. The client is left feeling the sense of hope and the endless possibilities that are easily accessed for the individual.

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8890 Salrose Lane, Unit 107 Fort Myers, FL 33912 - (239) 939 3339

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